Windswept is the fourth episode of the seventh season of Baywatch.

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Mitch and the date who bought him at a Bachelor Auction are stranded on a desert island, while Cody leads his roller hockey team to the championship of the NHL Breakout Tournament.


  • Former Baywatch regular Alexandra Paul (Stephanie) returns to guest star in this episode.
  • The plot of Mitch and Alicia stranged on a deserted island is similar to that of the 1975 Italian film Travolti da un insolito destino nell'azzurro mare d'agosto and the American remake Swept Away starring Madonna. In the movie, a rich, spoiled wife and a poor underclass deckhand drift away from their yacht while on a Mediterranean vacation cruise. They become stranded on a deserted island where their roles become reversed. She becomes dependent upon him for survival. By the time they are rescued, they have fallen in love.

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