Wave Rage is the twentieth episode of the ninth season of Baywatch.

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April tries to save Manny from himself after he suffers a life-altering back injury during a rescue. April then decides to take Manny's place with Hobie in a boat race with the other lifeguards from Baywatch. Meanwhile, Neely begins a new plan of revenge against Mitch first by taunting him and then bringing assault charges against him. Then Neely meets her match when she goes after Alex who tries to intervene in the feud between Neely and Mitch. When Neely tries to drug Alex with sleeping pills, Alex is forced to take time off and she finally stands up to Neely by firing her from Baywatch, and gives her a farewell punch to the face.


  • Former Baywatch regular Parker Stevenson (Craig) directed this episode.
  • Former Baywatch regular José Solano (Manny) returns to guest star in this episode.
  • Jeremy Jackson (Hobie) makes his third and final appearance of the season in this episode and appears in the opening credits. However, he only appears in the opening credits for episodes he appears in. This episode would be Jackson's last episode as a series regular, although he would return to guest star in the next season.

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