To The Max is the fifteenth episode of the eighth season of Baywatch.

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Mitch meets Jenny Wade, a horseback riding instructor who rides on the Malibu beach everyday on her prized race horse, Max. Struck with love, Mitch engineers a picnic date with Jenny using a variety of circumstances, including encouraging Hobie to take one of Jenny's riding classes. Meanwhile, J.D. suggests to Cody and Lani to dive for sea urchins for a major profit, and Cody is the most willing since he needs to pay for a new engine for his lemon car. But things take a turn when Lani has to dive to rescue a trapped diver on the ocean floor, and she loses her hearing, maybe for life, when her eardrums are ruptured.


  • The shot of the woman's car falling into the water is from season 2's episode "If Looks Could Kill." You can tell because when the car is falling you can see a blue thing in the back seat,that was the dead body from "If Looks Could Kill." Before she falls, you can see she is the only thing in the car.

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