The Curator is the sixteenth episode of the first season of Baywatch Nights.

Special Guest Appearance Edit

Guest StarsEdit

Featuring Edit

  • Robert Pralgo as Security Guard
  • Paul Scott as Policeman # 2
  • Angelo Lucaj as Policeman # 3
  • Craig Hauer as Kid
  • Sandra Conti as Mom

Episode InfomationEdit

A deranged man, named Garth Youngblood, takes a fancy to Baywatch lifeguard Caroline Holden and makes many advances toward her. When Caroline resists, Garth captures her and locks her in a cage furnished like her apartment, while Mitch teams with fellow Baywatch lifeguards, Newman and Barnett, to help him and Garner look for Caroline.


  • Yasmine Bleeth reprises her role as Caroline Holden, Michael Newman reprises his role as Michael "Newmie" Newman and Gregory J. Barnett reprises his role as Greg Barnett from Baywatch.

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