The Contest is the second episode of the seventh season of Baywatch.

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Episode InfomationEdit

When Mitch judges the Miss Malibu Beach Bikini Contest, his willpower is tested by two beautiful contestants who will do anything to get his vote. Caroline desires a career as an actress, but desires her acting teacher more, complicating her relationship with Logan. After almost losing a victim, Cody designs the “Windjet”, an innovative, new lifesaving boat. Donna is blackmailed for a past indiscretion.


  • It is revealed that Donna participated in bikini contests under another name prior to her starting as a lifeguard at Baywatch.
  • Former Baywatch regulars Alexandra Paul (Stephanie) and Jaason Simmons (Logan) returns to guest star in this episode. Also first appearance of Nancy Valen as Capt. Samantha Thomas and Traci Bingham as Jordan Tate.

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