Talk Show is the fourteenth episode of the seventh season of Baywatch.

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When Mitch rescues Cassie Cole, famous talk show hostess, from a rip current, she invites him onto her show in gratitude. Cody plants the idea that he could freeze up with “flop sweats” while on camera, and Mitch’s whole life takes a turn. Meanwhile, Caroline and C.J. adopt a dog. “Annie” is an athlete, fastidious, a health food nut, loves Mitch, and even recycles. Caroline soon believes that “Annie” is the reincarnated soul of her late sister, Stephanie.


  • Just before Jay Leno meets Mitch and Cody, he is talking about an idea for a show about a car that talks to its owner. This is a reference to Knight Rider (1982), David Hasselhoff's previous series.

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