Susan Ellen Anton (Born October 12, 1950) is an American actress, singer and model who played Summer Quinn's mother Jacqueline "Jackie" Quinn in Baywatch.

She was former Miss California in 1969 and has appeared in several commercials such as Muriel Cigars, Sanyo Electronics and Serta Perfect Sleep Mattressess. She is also best known for her various television and film roles including Susan Williams in Cliffhangers and The Girls Who Saved the WorldGoldine in Goldengirl, Stevie Castle in Spring Fever and Jill Rivers, the Lamborghini Lady in Cannonball Run II.

She also recorded music with her number one hit being Killin Time, which was a duet with Country singer Fred Knoblock.

She has married twice, firstly to Jack Stein for five years and then to actor Jeff Lester who also appeared in a few Baywatch episodes.

Gallery Edit

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