Weak Link is the third episode of the tenth season of Baywatch Hawaii.

Cast and CharactersEdit


Guest StarringEdit

  • Cameron Finley as Tanner Sloan
  • Merlin 'Sonny' Ching as Mano
  • Sally Davis as Mona, the Horse Strapper
  • Brian Keaulana as Brian
  • Carla Brooks as Carla


Mitch takes Tanner on an overnight camping trip to a small island where a dream encounter with a ghostly Hawaiian drives Tanner to deal with his inner conflicts from his troubled life back in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Jason risks his life to prove his worth for the team when Sean has him blindfolded and placed on a steep oceanfront cliff to learn the ropes of being a victim. Also, Allie develops an attraction to a Coast Guard helicopter rescue technician, named Nick Montgomery, who's assigned to teach the team the pearls of helicopter rescue, and Jessie's morning swim in the buff is interrupted when she must rescue a surfer stung by a jellyfish.


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