Second Time Around is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Baywatch.

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SECOND TIME AROUND - Jessie Majors, the beautiful motorcycle racer with whom Matt Brody fell in love in “Point Doom,” returns to Baywatch, working as an actress for an obsessed video director who wants more than a professional relationship with her.


  • This is a sequel to the third season episode Point Doom. Although Nicole Eggert did not appear in that episode, Summer claims Jessie "looks familiar," indicating the two characters may have had an off-screen meeting.
  • When Mitch is at home playing with his guitar, he has a fantasy that he is a rock star and imagines that he is performing in concert in front of a crowd. For the fantasy sequence, a montage footage of David Hasslehoff (Mitch) performing live on stage in Berlin and Germany was used. In real life, David Hasslehoff was a singer whom was highly popular in Germany and Austria.
  • In Hobie's music video, Michelle Williams (of Dawson's Creek fame), who played Bridget in "Race Against Time, Part I", appears as one of the five girls (who are uncredited) dancing next to Hobie.
  • Guest star Jennifer Campbell reprises her role from "Point Doom". She would later go on to replace series regular, Gena Lee Nolin, in the role of Neely Capshaw beginning with "Crash, Part I".

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