Scorcher is the fifth episode of the seventh season of Baywatch.

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The temperature soars, and it’s one day in the life of Baywatch… but, it’s the mother of all beach days. Everything that can happen… does. Every lifeguard at Baywatch is called in as hundreds of thousands flock to the sea. From A to Z, chaos is the word for the day. On top of it all, the President of the United States is planning a jog on the beach. Caroline’s birthday is today. Is anybody going to remember her with everything that’s going on?


  • Although the president is never referred to by name, it is implied to be Bill Clinton, who was president at the time the episode aired.
  • This is the second episode Jeff Altman appears in in which a woman on her honeymoon gets badly sunburned. The first was Lifeguards Can't Jump, in which he played the woman's new husband.

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