Samantha "Sam" Thomas is a fictional character from the popular American television show Baywatch. She was portrayed by actress Nancy Valen.

Physical AppearanceEdit


She is strict with her position and takes it very seriously which doesn't always make her popular with some of the other lifeguards. However she proves herself to be a good friend and helps her fellow workers out. Two such times when when she stood up for Donna after she was suspended for posing for Playboy magazine (Buried) and helping out Caroline when she was being sued for Lifeguard negligence (Trial by Fire). She also has a devious sense of humour that constantly annoys Mitch.


Season 7Edit

Nancy appears in, Nevermore, Golden Girls, Baywatch at Sea World, Trial By Fire, Hot Water, Matters of the Heart, Search & Rescue, Buried, Let The Games Begin, Scorcher, Windswept, The Contest. She replaces Lt. Stephanie Holden as Captain. She also, was victim of the cast overhaul from season 7-8.


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