Rookie Summer is the first episode of the eighth season of Baywatch.

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A flood of new recruits arrive at Baywatch to try out for rookie school, who include Hobie, Manny, and newcomers; Lani McKensie, a part-Hawaiian, part-Caucasian wanting to be a professional dancer, April Giminski, a naive, design major college student unfamiliar with swimming in the ocean, and Skylar Bergman, April's roommate who wants to become a paramedic. Newman is also assigned to teach the new recruits the ropes of the beach along with Donna and Jordan to assist. Manny becomes angry at Mitch after he fails an eye test due to a technicality and is disqualified.


  • Hobie tries out to become a Lifeguard. As we all know through the series he has always been a Junior lifeguard. However so were his friends Connor and J.B., so why is it they didn't try out, since practically every summer since they were 10 they did Junior Lifeguards with Hobie. They even helped out with younger Junior Lifeguards in season 7.
  • It said that a person had to be 18 to be a full fledged lifeguard. However in season 7, Hobie was 16. A year later he is 18.
  • With the addition of five new cast members, Baywatch's opening credits now include 13 regular cast members (the largest number Baywatch ever had in one season). This season's current cast listed in the order they appear in the opening credits: David Hasselhoff (Mitch), Gena Lee Nolin (Neely), David Chokachi (Cody), Carmen Electra (Lani), Kelly Packard (April), José Solano (Manny), Donna D'Errico (Donna), Michael Bergin (J.D.), Jeremy Jackson (Hobie), Angelica Bridges (Taylor), Traci Bingham (Jordan), Marliece Andrada (Skylar) and Michael Newman (Newmie).
  • After years of being a junior lifeguard, Mitch's son, Hobie finally becomes a full-fledged lifeguard.
  • Carmen Electra (Lani), Kelly Packard (April), Michael Bergin (J.D.), Angelica Bridges (Taylor) and Marliece Andrada (Skylar) join the cast beginning with this episode and are added to the opening credits, although only Electra, Packard and Andrada are introduced in this episode.

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