Resuce Bay is the eighteenth episode of the fourth season of Baywatch.

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SECOND TIME AROUND - A Hollywood producer visits Baywatch and decides to create a television show based on lifeguarding, sending headquarters into a tizzy.


  • In this episode, when CJ and Stephanie were at Mitch's seeing who would be the better Stephanie for the character based on her in the Rescue Bay Series. They called the character based on Stephanie was named Shelly or Shelia. However, when they were gathered at headquarters looking at the opening credits, it said CJ Parker as Stephanie Holden. Also noted that the character based on Mitch was the only one that didn't use the lifeguards name that they were portrayed as ie Summer Quinn, Matt Brody, etc. The character based on Mitch was named Michael Tower.
  • Gregory Alan-Williams (Garner) also plays the role of actor Sly Hutchinson in this episode.
  • Dolph Apolganger's name can be shortened to D. Apolganger. According to myth, a Doppelganger is a ghost who is the double a of a living person. Dolph tries (and fails miserably) to be a double of Mitch.
  • Some of the footage from Stephanie's audition was later used for Alexandra Paul's credit shot in the fifth season.

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