Panic At Malibu Pier is the first episode of Baywatch.


Two members of the Baywatch lifeguard unit (Eddie and Shauni) stationed on Santa Monica Bay experience traumatic personal upheavals, a potential suicide victim and a dramatic ocean rescue.


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  • This is the series premiere of Baywatch and originally aired as a two hour long episode.
  • Richard Jaeckel who plays Al Gibson in this episode, later played Lt. Ben Edwards 1991-1994.
  • Gina Hecht plays Gina Pomeroy in the pilot, but Holly Gagnier takes over the role in subsequent episodes.
  • Nancy Valen who plays Hallie in the pilot, later became a regular cast member in 1996 as Captain Samantha Thomas.
  • Brian Austin Green, who would later go on to star on Beverly Hills 90210 has a small role as a boy on the beach in this episode.
  • John Sherrod has a small role as life guard Owen in this episode.
  • Kellie Martin plays Chelsea Carol, a girl in whom Hobie is interested in.

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