Pamela Ann Weissenbach (Born October 16, 1963), also known as Pamela Bach or Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff is an actress who appeared in many episodes of Baywatch.

Her best known role was reporter and business woman Kaye Morgan who appeared in six episodes of Season 2, 1 episode of Season 3, three episodes of Season 5 and two episodes of Season 6 . She played two other roles in further seasons; Sara Chapman in the Season 8 episode Diabolique, Bree Hanford in the Season 10 episode Killing Machine and also made a appearance in Baywatch Nights as Cindy in the Season 2 episode Zargtha.

She was formally married for seventeen years to David Hasselhoff and has two daughers, Taylor Ann Hasselhoff and Hayley Amber Hasselhoff who is also a famous actress.

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