Nevermore is the twenty-second episode and season finale of the seventh season of Baywatch.

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C.J. has a secret admirer who is leaving trinkets of his affection for her. As he admires her from afar, he sees that she is in an accident and comes to her rescue. He does not make himself visible because of his grotesque “monster” like appearance. Meanwhile, after the accident, Cody realizes that he would be lost without C.J.. Their love story comes to a new beginning when Cody proposes marriage to C.J..


  • This episode marks the final appearances of Pamela Anderson (C.J.) and Nancy Valen (Sam)
  • The Phantom Lifeguard looks to have been inspired by the movie Darkman, an action/drama directed by Sam Raimi about a disfigured man who hides in the sewers while trying to figure out way to fix his looks.
  • C.J. tells Cody, "Don't call me babe.", which is a reference to the catchphrase used by Pamela's titular film character in Barb Wire that she starred in the previous year.

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