Neely Capshaw is a fictional character from the popular American television show Baywatch

She was portrayed by actress Heather Campbell as a guest star in Season 5, by Gena Lee Nolin in the main cast in Seasons 6 through 8 and in the TV movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding, and by Jennifer Campbell as a recurring character in Season 9.

She later became the ex-wife of Mitch Buchannon.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Neely was a tall athletic woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Just like C.J., Neely was a sexy head turner, something she was well aware of and she was not shy to use her looks to manipulate people.

Neely was as tall as Stephanie, but she was heavier and had a more 'womanly' figure like C.J..  Her weight varied a lot through the seasons, ranging from 128 to 145 lbs. (58 to 66 kg).

Neely was 25 years old when she was introduced in season five.


Neely is a valuable hardworking lifeguard. However she has a cruel streak behind that beautiful face of hers, she can sometimes be selfish, manipulative and conniving at times which doesn't make her popular with the other lifeguards. However there have been moments when she has shown to be kind and caring.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Neely was a strong and athletic woman with a sharp mind. Unfortunately, her talents were at least initially wasted on jealousy and nasty schemes. Her people skills were outright horrible and she often caused strife, even when not actively trying to do so.

Despite her faults, Neely was an excellent lifeguard; when her mind was on the task her performance was on par with the best of the Baywatch lifeguards including C.J. and Mitch. She was a strong swimmer and runner – fast both on land and in the water. Thanks to her physique she was able to perform tough and demanding rescues. Without doubt, Neely was one of the fittest lifeguards on Baywatch, never shying away from exercising. Just like C.J. her daily training regime included weight training and for cardio she seemed to prefer running.

In Season 7, to prove she was just as tough as the men, she demanded to be allowed to compete in the men-only Uncle Toby's International Ironman Competition, the toughest lifeguard competition in the world. With only a day's preparation she earned one of the four spots that had been reserved for Team Baywatch, beating all the other Baywatch women and men except for Mitch, Newmie and Cody. She then competed in Uncle Toby's as the only woman and did remarkably well.

Neely was proficient in all the land and water vehicles the lifeguards used, including the Baywatch jeeps, the quad bikes, the Scarab boats and the jet skis


Season 5Edit

After arriving at Baywatch, Neely asked to be assigned with Matt Brody. When they were there, she tried to seduce him, but he firmly told her he loved another fellow lifeguard C.J..

Later, when no one was looking, Neely sneaked into her tower and drank some gin, regardless of the dangers it would cause on duty.

During a rescue, Matt smelled alcohol on Neely's breath and was angry with her for putting herself and the victim in danger. Despite Neely's pleas not to tell Mitch, Matt knew he could not hide this information, so when Mitch confronted her about it, she tells a horrific lie of Matt sexually harassing her and threatening to sue the whole team, so Mitch had no choice but to suspend him until further investigations could be made.

However, she is tricked by C.J. who tapes their conversation, revealing her true nature as evidence. Neely is fired from Baywatch and Matt is reinstated.

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Neely is the third character to have more than one actor portrayal. The first being Gina Pomeroy, the second Hobie Buchanon. She is also the only character to be portrayed by three different actresses.

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