Matthew "Matt" Brody is a fictional character from the popular American television show Baywatch.

He was portrayed by actor David Charvet in the tv series and later by Zac Efron in the film version.

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Zac Efron appears in this version, as Matt Brody, an Olympic champion with 2 gold medals, but after a rowdy night in Rio, he let his team down in the relay, causing him to be dubbed the ‘vomit comet’. An arrogant, cocky man, at first he believes Baywatch is simply a lifeguard job - prevent people getting sunburnt and occasionally save some lives, but after assisting the team in the takedown of The Huntley owner, Victoria Leeds he eventually proves himself to the others and impresses Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon. He also acts as a love interest to Summer Quinn.


  • Matt was the second lifeguard to be falsely charged with sexual harassment. The first being Eddie Kramer.
  • Like Shauni McClain, Matt came from a wealthy background and had a tough relationship with his father.

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