Manuelo "Manny" Gutierrez is a fictional character from the popular American television show Baywatch. He was portrayed by actor José Solano. Manny dates April Graminski during season 8. He lives with his mom in a guest house.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Manny is a passionate enthusiastic young man. He aspires to be a life guard, often jumping at any opportunity to learn the craft. Always positive often offers moral support for Hobie.


Season 7Edit

Makes his debut on the show learning the craft of becoming a LA County Lifeguard participating in everything possible. He becomes Cody's Iron Man Handler in the episode Let The Games Begin.

Season 8Edit

Manny is finally old enough to attempt Rookie School, but runs into a complication with his vision which disallows him to qualify as a life guard. After Mitch allows Manny to compete, he ends up winning.

Manny dates April most of Season 8, until they separate and she goes onto date Craig.

Season 9Edit


Manny is the third Baywatch lifeguard to get disabled after a rescue. First Eric Turner and second Mitch Buchannan.