Mahalo, Baywatch is the second episode of the tenth season of Baywatch Hawaii and it's 200 episode.

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During the first week of training for the new lifeguard team of Baywatch Hawaii, competition between Jessie and Kekoa, as well as Jason and J.D. threaten to turn the tryouts into an all-out war. Jason, at Kekoa's advice, visits an old Hawaiian native to look into his true Hawaiian roots, and Allie takes a job as a helicopter tour pilot to make some extra money for herself. Meanwhile, Mitch attends Hina's (the girl he saved from drowning) birthday party where she goes into shock from secondary drowning. Also, Baywatch lifeguard Michael "Newmie" Newman arrives in Hawaii to deliver the first Baywatch Hawaii Scarab motorboat which is immediately put into a rescue of a couple from a boat fire.


  • Jason reveals that he is originally from Hawaii but when he was very young, his father disappeared and his mother moved herself and Jason to Texas.

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