Lover's Cove is the third episode of the fourth season of Baywatch.

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LOVER'S COVE - While in junior lifeguard training camp, Hobie meets and falls for a terminally ill junior lifeguard girl, named Lauren, who Hobie tries to win her affections by taking her to a part of the beach known as Lover's Cove to get attached to her. Meanwhile, Summer feels an increasing attraction to Matt while her mother, Jackie, is now dating Mitch.


  • The scene when the woman's car falls in the water is taken from the episode "If Looks could kill." You can tell this because it has the same blue bag in the back that was the dead body in the episode.
  • The scene when Summer introduced Lauren to the class, she says "Hi, I'm Lauren" and Hobie says "Hi, I'm Hobie". The next scene when Hobie and Lauren are going to do artificial respiration, they introduce themselves again.
  • When Lauren and Hobie kiss good-bye, Hobie tilts his head one way but while they are kissing, his head is tilting the other way.

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