Lifeguard Confidential is the sixth episode of the eighth season of Baywatch.

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A sleazy TV reporter, called Roger Riptide who flies around the beach in a helicopter, starts dishing dirt on the private lives of the Baywatch lifeguards for his TV show much to the irritation of Mitch and Taylor, who suspect someone is leaking information to Riptide. Meanwhile, Caroline Holden arrives back in town after a failed acting career in New York and moves back into her apartment with Cody who is letting J.D. stay with him until he can find a place for himself, and the two of them hit it off. Cody also discovers Lani moonlighting as a dancer at a local nightclub, and Newman hits it off with a shady new blond woman called Larana, whom is unknowingly an informant for Riptide.


  • Former Baywatch regular Yasmine Bleeth (Caroline) returns to guest star in this episode.
  • The call letters on Peltyn's helicopter are KYLA, and Lani dances under stage name Kyla. However, there is no indication that this is supposed to be anything other than coincidence.

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