Judy Radin/Allison Ford is a fictional character who appeared in the made for TV movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. Judy Radin is her real name while Allison Ford is her made-up alias. She was played by actress Alexandra Paul.

She had a reconstructed face that made her look exactly like the late lifeguard Stephanie Holden.


Allison / Judy looked exactly like a five years older Stephanie Holden. She was a beautiful tall (5'10") and slender woman in her mid to late thirties. She had short dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Allison had a very modest bosom just like the woman she tried to look like.


Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Acting, lying and manipulating people were obviously part of her skill repertoire. She used these to make Mitch Buchannon fall in love with her.

Her physical skills included at least surfing and long distance swimming which both fit well with her lean appearance. Despite being fit and acting tough she wasn't particularly tough nor strong. During a wild pool fight with Neely Capshaw it also appeared that her fighting skills were severely lacking as she seemed to be at a disadvantage against her larger opponent who seemed to be able to overpower her. At a later time she was taken down by one sucker punch from Neely.

Baywatch: Hawaiian WeddingEdit

Gallery Edit

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