Jessica "Jessie" Owens is a fictional character from the popular American television show Baywatch. She was portrayed by actress and model Brooke Burns.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jessie was a tall, athletic woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her face was usually adorned with a wide smile. She was 175 cm (5'9") tall and weighed 59 kg (130 lbs).

Jessie was 20-years old in Baywatch season 9 and one year older when she joined Baywatch Hawaii.


Skills and AbilitiesEdit

If Neely Capshaw was the top female athlete on Baywatch then Jessie was that on Baywatch Hawaii. But unlike Neely, Jessie was naturally athletic. She was physically strong and had excellent stamina; aspects that would help her reach her ultimate goal of becoming a stuntwoman.

Before becoming a lifeguard Jessie worked for a short while as the Maintenance Manager at Baywatch in LA, a task that hardly reflected her skills.

Being a strong swimmer and diver as well as an excellent runner it was no surprise she was also interested in triathlon competitions.

Despite having talent, Jessie was a rough diamond requiring some polishing; she especially needed training in actual lifeguarding skills. But as an aspiring triathlete, lifeguard and stuntwoman her training was more on the physical side including running, swimming, biking and weight training. She eventually left Baywatch, but not before becoming a good lifeguard, to actively pursue a stuntwoman career.


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