Jeffrey "Jeff" Altman (Born August 13, 1951) is an actor who has made several appearances on Baywatch playing differant roles.

He first appeared in Season 1 as Fred Rachins in the episode The Drowning Pool. Afterwards he appeared in the Season 3 episode  Lifeguards Can't Jump where he plays a unhappilly married man called Dennis Kosowski who falls in love with lifeguard C.J. Parker and ends up cheating on his wife, then Don Brand in the Season 4 episode Rescue Bay and Dudley Dawson in the Season 7 episode Scorcher.

His most frequent role was annoying salesman Ed Symes who appeared in 3 episodes of Season 9.

Jeff is also know for his role of Hughie Hogg in the 1970s series The Dukes of Hazzard.

He was formerly married to Star Trek actress Leslie Ackerman and has a daughter named Faith.

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