Homecoming is the ninth episode of the eighth season of Baywatch.

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Mitch is reunited with his old Baywatch lifeguard friend, Craig Pomeroy, now a full-time lawyer who's in town trying to honor a Native American's dying wish to die peacefully on sacred Indian grounds at the beach. Meanwhile, Neely Capshaw returns to Baywatch after being incapacitated for months in a skiing accident, with a hidden addiction to painkillers. When Donna figures out Neely's secret, she unsuccessfully tries to persuade Neely to get help because Donna's sister too had an addiction to painkillers. Also, Hobie uses a phony ID to get into a nightclub with his friends and suddenly wins a $1,200 prize dance contest with Lani moonlighting as the dancer "Kyra."


  • This episode marks the return of two characters- Craig Pomeroy (played by Parker Stevenson from the first season) and Neely. Gena Lee Nolin (Neely) did not appear in the season's earlier episodes because she gave birth in real-life.
  • There is also a episode in season five called Homecoming.

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