The Girl in Logan's Tower is an unnamed character in the popular American television show Baywatch. She was portrayed by actress and model Shae Marks.

Physical Appearance Edit

She is a slender attractive girl in her middle-twenties with long blonde hair and brown eyes.

Personality Edit

She seems like a girl who likes a bit of excitement, but who hates to be used by men as seen when she made it clear to lifeguard Logan Fowler that she never wanted to see him again after he said she meant nothing to him.

Baywatch Edit

She was probably on the beach while Logan was on lifeguard patrol and she fell in love with him.

Later he took her to his lifeguard tower where he gave her a special necklace that belong to a tribal chief and they start kissing, but she accidentally knocks the phone off the hook which calls the other lifeguards to investigate.

Lifeguards Mitch Buchannon and Stephanie Holden arrive and catch Logan and the girl still kissing each other. Logan goes outside whilst they give him a good talking to for breaking lifeguard rules, leaving her to get ready to leave. She overhears Logan telling them that she was just a girl he met at the beach who meant nothing to him. In her anger she takes off Logan's necklace and walks out saying she never wants to see him again.

Gallery Edit

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