Gena Lee Nolin (Born November 29, 1971) is a model and actress who played the role of Neely Capshaw in Baywatch from 1995-1998 and Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.

Her first TV appearance was in 1994 as a model on the game show The Price Is Right.

She has also had a starring role in the television series Sheena which she appeared in with John Allen Nelson.

She has been married twice and has four children, a son called Spencer Michael Gregory Fahlman from her first marriage, another son called Hudson Lee Hulse, a daughter called Stella Monroe Hulse from her second marriage and a stepdaughter called Caia.

She is also set to play a role in a detective movie called The B Team along with other Baywatch cast members Jeremy Jackson, David Chokachi, Kelly Packard, Jaason Simmons, Michael Bergin, Alexandra Paul and Gregory Alan Williams.


  • Gena was the second and most recurring actress to play the role of Neely.


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