Game of Chance is the twenty-first episode of the second season of Baywatch.

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Episode InfomationEdit

GAME OF CHANCE - Harvey and Mitch pursue and capture a disgruntled gambler turned high-seas pirate. Meanwhile, Eddie struggles with the disapproval of Shauni's family. While Eddie is walking away from Shauni's sisters engagement party, Kim (Shauni's Older Sister) gets her hand stuck in the pool pump and luckily Eddie saves her.


  • Guest star Jason Brooks would later go on to become a regular on the series during the final two seasons, playing Sean Monroe, a different character from the one he plays in this episode.
  • Harvey tells Mitch the amphibous car can do anything ...except talk, at which Mitch says to forget it. Then they both laugh. This is an (hardly) inside joke about David Hasselhoff having been on 'Knight Rider' with K.I.T.T., the talking car.

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