Father of the Groom is the eighth episode of the tenth season of Baywatch Hawaii.

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Mitch struggles to prevent Hobie from marrying his new girlfriend, Sarah, at a local hotel during a visit, while Mitch also deals with Sarah's overbearing and obnoxious parents seeking to create the perfect wedding. Meanwhile, Kekoa tells Sean that she's thinking of quitting the team after revealing her fear of the unknown after she hesitates during a rescue. But Kekoa must confront her fears when she, Sean, J.D., Jason and Allie must cooperate to rescue a woman trapped in an air pocket beneath a lava tube opening with a possibility that the victim may not survive the rescue.


  • Kekoa reveals that her name means 'warrior'.
  • Kekoa's mother is Hawaiian and her father is Japanese.
  • Former Baywatch regular Jeremy Jackson (Hobie) returns to guest star in this episode.

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