Father Faust is the fourteenth episode of the eleventh and final season of Baywatch.

Guest Stars Edit

Episode Information Edit

A bad week begins once again for Sean when two frivolous lawsuits, one by Kekoa's father over nearly drowning at the beach, and another by an equally wealthy man thinking that he lost his gold Rolex wristwatch. The local city council, now with Jenna on the staff, seeks another chance to try to close down the training center, in which an attractive special investigator, named Jackie Love, arrives to check up on Sean's work. Meanwhile, Kekoa tries to get her angry, arrogant father to drop his lawsuit while J.D. tries to get the nerve to ask Mr. Tanaka for his blessing in wanting to marry Kekoa. Zack is assigned to a new group of Junior Lifeguards and tries to get a young 14-year-old Hawaiian local, named Kala'i, to be motivated who's father wants him instead to help with their fishing way of life. Also, Jason begins performing in a local band to raise money for Baywatch Hawaii's lawsuit battles.

Trivia Edit

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