Courtney Bremmer is a character who appeared in two episodes of Season 3 of Baywatch.

She was portrayed by actress Elizabeth Berkley.

Appearance Edit

Courtney is a slender, attractive girl in her late teens. She is tall, very slim and athletic, with blonde hair and green eyes

Personality Edit

Courtney is conceited and likes to show-off. Her parents are very rich and she is proud of her luxurious lifestyle.

She likes horseback riding an has the reputation to collect boy-toys. Her best friend is Tiara English. She antagonises lifeguard Summer Quinn and is generally a very malicious person.

Baywatch Edit

Courtney appears with her friend Tiara English on the beach where she meets Summer who tries to befriend them. Summer tells them that she has a date with Olympic surfer Jimmy Slade, but when Jimmy acts like he doesn't recognise her, Courtney and Tania tease her about it.

Later Courtney and Tiara are drinking on the beach regardless of the no alcohol beach regulation and they're under-age. Summer who is on patrol duty, warns them not to drink so much or go in the water, but they just scoff and continue drinking. Courtney then goes for a swim with two boys despite Summer's objections and ends up nearly drowning. Summer and another lifeguard rescues her and Mitch Buchannon arrives and gives her CPR. Courtney tries to blame everything on Summer but Jimmy arrives and says that she warned her beforehand and apologizes to Summer for missing their date making Courtney feel humiliated.