Countdown is the thirteenth episode of the eighth season of Baywatch.

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After Mitch saves a young girl on the beach from a live grenade, he and Cody investigate a sunken ship containing a cache of smuggled weapons where Cody is trapped in the hull of the ship 75 feet on the ocean floor after he and Mitch are taken hostage by a pair of arms smugglers looking to retrieve their arms shipment. Meanwhile, Neely and her baby daughter, Ashley, are staying with Mitch at his house while she attempts to get back on her feet financially, and her living arrangements quickly drive Mitch crazy.


  • Christopher Mayer is credited under the name Chip Mayer.
  • Countdown is a Channel 4 show hosted by Richard Whitely and Carol Vorderman where contestants try to find the longest word from a random selection within a thirty second time limit while the clock behind them counts down with a jingle.

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