Coronado Del Sol, Part I is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Baywatch.

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Episode InfomationEdit

CORONADO DEL SOL, PART I - The Baywatch lifeguards travel to San Diego’s Hotel Del Coronado for a week, where Matt and Summer are haunted by a mysterious presence, C.J. grows attached to an orphaned dolphin at Sea World, and Mitch is stranded with his brother on the high seas when their sailboat capsizes.


  • When the lifeguards are trying to show the effectivness of the scarabs, there is a big boat fire. There is one man in a plaid shirt who jumps off the boat and lands in the water. A minute later, the same man is shown jumping again off the boat.
  • Guest star John Beck becomes the second actor to play Mitch's brother, Buzz. The role was previously by actor Tim Thomerson in "The Fabulous Buchannon Boys".
  • Nicole Eggert (Summer) also plays the role of the young Diana Sutherland in this episode.

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