Chance of a Lifetime is the thirteenth episode of the seventh season of Baywatch.

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Stephanie and her new husband are on their honeymoon when an accident results in Stephanie being crushed and killed by the mast of the boat. Mitch could do nothing to save her, and the Baywatch lifeguards hold a dramatic memorial service in her honor.


  • Alexandra Paul (Stephanie) makes her final appearance on the series in this episode. Her character becomes the second regular Baywatch character to die, the first being Jill Riley (played by Shawn Weatherly) from the first season on NBC.
  • Alexandra Paul would later appear in the 2003 TV-Movie, Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding, a "Stephanie" look-alike Allison Ford.
  • After this episode, Stephanie appeared as a ghost in the Baywatch Nights episode The Eighth Seal (S2E19). According to Alexandra Paul it was a personal favor for David Hasselhoff.
  • Alexandra Paul, who plays Stephanie, dressed up in a blonde wig and, as a joke, sat at her own funeral. She said she was dressed as a blonde to "be the girl everyone wanted her to be".
  • Hobie, Newman and Stephanie's parents didn't attend Stephanie's funeral

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