Blindside is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Baywatch.

Guest StarsEdit

Episode InfomationEdit

BLINDSIDE - John D. Cort, Mitch’s friend and a former lifeguard, returns to Baywatch where his life undergoes a devastating change. Meanwhile, Hobie meets a very “unique” new friend.


  • Nicole Eggert, David Charvet, Alexandra Paul and Gregory Alan Williams does not appear in this episode, although they are credited.
  • Similar goof to episode 'Race against Time part 2'. In the scene where Mitch and Hobie see Manny fall off the pier, Hobie is wearing flip flops. When Hobie gets down to help pull Manny out of the water, he is barefoot again! Does he just a bad habit of losing his shoes, or as suggested by someone, did he get tickled again?
  • Former Baywatch regular John Allen Nelson (Cort) returns to guest star in this episode.

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