Baywatch Down Under, Part II is the seventeenth episode of the ninth season of Baywatch.

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While Mitch, Alex, Cody, and April prepare for their race against the Australian lifeguards, Jake must choose between staying in Australia with Terry or returning home without him. But when Terry does not want to leave Australia, he goes missing which prompts Jake, Jessie, and Allie to look for him. Then Terry and his pet dog land in danger while sailing along the coast in a sailboat, while the Eco Race between Baywatch and Australia gets interrupted when they must rescue a girl pinned under a rock at a reef with a rising tide.


  • Kendrick Hughes and John Paul Dejora are credited in this episode, but they only appeared in the previous episode, Baywatch Down Under, Part I.
  • Guest star Simmone Mackinnon (Allie) reprised her role the following season when she joined the cast as a regular castmember.
  • The following season of Baywatch was to take place entirely in Australia. This two-part episode set up the series' transition to Australia, however, when locals began to picket the series moving to their beaches, producers decided to relocate the series to Hawaii instead.

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